“This handsomely made suspense yarn proves an engrossing, pulse-quickening journey... also noteworthy: the excellent nighttime lensing by Angus Hudson”

Gary Goldstien - The Los Angeles Times

Few vistas are as exhilarating as the passenger train window, the world advancing and receding with breathtaking speed, the viewer stationary yet hurtling through the landscape. Few films articulate this sensation as stunningly as the opening of Omid Nooshin’s Last Passenger, which features wide POV shots of trains charging through exotic terrains. It’s an indicator that, while Last Passenger is a campy B-movie, it possesses greater aesthetic aspirations, and the film’s stylistic ambition is ultimately what makes it an entertaining ride.

Last Passenger feels mostly satisfying, in no small part due to the exquisite eyes of Nooshin and director of photography Angus Hudson, who constantly find new angles and frames in the cramped train quarters that serve as the exclusive setting.While certainly a formulaic genre film, it's nevertheless a formula executed with a great sensitivity to visual engagement”

Zachary Wigon - The Village Voice

“This high-concept B-movie thriller succeeds in keeping you on the edge of your seat.... enhanced by Angus Hudson’s inventive widescreen lensing of the cramped locations”

Frank Scheck  - The Hollywood Reporter

“There are no brakes on the Hitchockian-heavy suspense, and the look of the film is stellar. The train cars feel claustrophobic; yet, they afford plenty of places for potential evildoers to hide and plot. DP Angus Hudson’s nighttime imagery is nicely complemented by the stirring score of Liam Bates”

Staci Layne  - Dread Central

"British thrillers may get a boost from writer-director Omid Nooshin's enjoyably crafty, neo-Hitchcockian debut."

Mike McCahill - The Guardian

"Last Passenger makes the best of a minuscule budget, and the punchy script doesn’t brake for breath."

Tom Huddlestone - Time Out London

"Consistently tense, explosive action"

Emma Johnston - Total Film Magazine

"Last Passenger maintains a suitably breakneck pace throughout, expertly building suspense and tension until the nail-biting finale."

Matthew Turner - View London

"One of the most exciting and exhilarating action films to have come out of Britain in years"

Ollie Charles - Front Row Reviews

Director:  Omid Nooshin

Producer: Zack Winfield, Ado Yoshizako-Cassuto

Production Co: BFI/NDF/Future Films

Starring: Dougray Scott, Kara Tointon

Format: ProRes HD - Arri Alexi 16x9, Xtal Express Anamorphic - 2.39:1

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NOMINATED: Best Debut Director - British Independent Film Awards


2013 UK